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Background Screening

In this session, you will be asked information, which will be used to conduct a background screening. All coaches requesting to register with MSC are required to pay the $15.00 background screening fee only once per school year.  We are currently registering under the 2019/2020 school year.  Each coach registering this season must go through the background screening.  If you are coaching or assisting more than one team you must register for each team, however you will be given the opportunity to opt out of the background screening for the additional teams.  

*Please note: No refunds will be given for the background screening fee  in the event that the registrant does not pass the background check and/or is not chosen to help assist by the head coach of the team

Welcome to the Spring 2020 Coach Registration!

In this session, you will be asked information which will be used to conduct a background screening by the National Center for Safety Initiatives, LLC (NCSI), dba Southeastern Security Consultants Inc (SSCI). Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately.

Coaches' Certification & Badge Requirements

Tackle Football Coaches ONLY:  MSC uses a Coaching Certification system.  All head and assistant coaches must pass the background screening and obtain certification before they can obtain a field badge.  In addition to the background screening you also must register and become a certified coach at  USAFootball has  a link specific to MSC.  The link will be sent to coaches once they have registered and passed the background check.  The cost for USAFootball certification by using the link is $10.  If you do not use the link provided, you will be charged USAFootball's normal price and you will have to email proof of certification to our office.

TACKLE FOOTBALL COACHES & CHEER COACHES (FOR TACKLE TEAMS):  All coaches for tackle football and cheer (cheering for tackle) must have a photo badge from Buzz Photos in order to gain access onto the fields.  Buzz will charge $10 per badge.  More information will be sent on how to obtain field badges once background screenings are complete. 

Please read the Fall 2019 Information page for dates, game nights, game information, etc. before registering.

Fall 2019 - All teams are limited to 5 coaches badges per team (Head Coach plus 4 assistants ONLY).  DO NOT REGISTER TO ASSIST UNLESS YOU HAVE BEEN SPECIFICALLY ASKED BY A HEAD COACH.  Refunds for background screenings and/or certifications and/or badges will not be given.


Please direct questions to:

Paul Kawamoto

Football Commissioner

David McWhirter

Flag/7on7 Football Commissioner

Paul Anderson